Guidebook to Whiskey & Distilled Spirits

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Edited by Douglas M. Sacarto and Howell F. Wright


The Guidebook to Whiskey and Other Distilled Spirits in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming presents 111 active distilled spirits producers in the tri-state region--organized geographically with in-depth two-page profiles for sixty-three featured brands, describing their production practices and hundreds of craft spirits. There are seven feature articles giving background and context for the Guidebook entries.

Facts about the distilleries were supplied by the companies themselves. The Guidebook helps tell their stories in the most comprehensive, accessible and easy-to-use way possible. Products and production methods are not evaluated--that's up to the reader--but the Guidebook illuminates the richness, innovation and diverse range of craft spirits produced in the tri-state region, full of exciting flavors and world-class quality.

  • Two-page company profiles for sixty-three featured brands are listed alphabetically within seven regions, giving descriptions of each company's products, business practices, philosophy and production methods, including the company's own tasting notes.
  • Seven feature articles survey the diversity of distilled spirits produced in the Mountain West and explore the new golden age of the cocktail, pairing food and distilled spirits, whiskey maturation techniques and innovations, and three accounts by distillery owners about the challenges in establishing their businesses.
  • Eight regional maps in detailed color show the locations of the featured companies.
  • A four-page Locator chart following the Table of Contents lists the sixty-three featured companies and the types of distilled spirits they're making.
  • Contact and online site information, as well as tasting room and distillery tour availability. A glossary and selected index. Full color throughout; 224 pages with 150 color photos and graphics.
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